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What is the 340B Drug Pricing Program?

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) program that requires participating drug wholesalers to sell drugs at a decreased cost to qualified entities on eligible prescriptions. It is administered by OPA, the Office of Pharmacy Affairs. The benefits of 340B are intended to help hospitals and other covered entities reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services, improving their communities. Eligible hospitals may save an average of 25% to 50% on drug purchases for outpatient pharmacy distribution on prescriptions meeting the program criteria. One highly-promoted aspect of the program, the 340B cash patient plan, gives hospitals the option to pass on their savings to financially challenged patients, improving patient compliance and quality of life. At ACI, we study the 340B Drug Pricing Program and track legislative and regulatory changes to ensure that our clients are fully informed and operate smoothly.


At ACI, our mission is to take the burden of the 340B program off you and your already over taxed staff. “You manage your hospital and we will manage your 340B program.” Our experienced team supplements your staff by implementing, evaluating, and managing your 340B Program while providing measurable benefits to you and your community. We understand the operations, regulations, and technology required for program compliance. ACI’s vendor-neutral approach ensures that your hospital will be matched with an administrator and technology vendors that best suit your hospital’s needs. Our team proactively monitors your program to catch problems before they happen. We are your ultimate 340B resource and are here to support your hospital in any way possible.




Is your facility a critical access hospital? Children’s hospital? We know how these categorizations affect your eligibility. We also provide benefit projections to you.

Technology Evaluation

Which 340B claims processor works best with your EMR, local pharmacies, and patient mix? Do you have special circumstances or a tight budget? We can help!

Program Implementation

We manage your implementation and assist your staff, relieving up to 90% of their 340B workload. Our resources can supplement your own IT department.



We help establish relationships with pharmacies, train, and support their staff. We research ways to grow the program and increase benefits for both the hospital and pharmacies.

Program Management

Do you have limited IT and pharmacy staff? We monitor and optimize your program. We also provide remote training and on-site assistance to your staff as necessary.



Don’t wait until HRSA comes calling! We provide regular external audits and guide hospital staff through regular internal audits to ensure program compliance. We work to prevent diversion, duplicate discount, and minimize true-ups. In the event of a HRSA audit ACI will guide the hospital through the preliminary process and will always be onsite during the audit for support.

Technology Integration

ACI’s vendor-neutral approach allows us to partner you with the best administrator to provide simple data extraction from EMRs such as CPSI, Meditech, Aprima, Medhost, Centricity, Epic, NextGen, and more!



Many small contract pharmacies are opting out of the program because of long term inventory swell and cash flow burdens. ACI has many solutions to make the program profitable and simple for both the pharmacy and the hospital.


Please contact us for a free introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program

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